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Virgina Cross Ties - Still Working (CD, 2005)

by Jason Hooker, 08/08/2005

Virgina Cross Ties

I have two other CDs by Virginia Cross Ties…Step Of Faith and No Back Door, but all I can say about this CD is…WOW!!! These guys have done it again and this one is better than ever. The songs are great, the vocals are great, and the musical talent is wonderful! It is wonderful to hear a CD where the faith of the individuals playing the music is so vivid and lifelike, it seems as if I just left the prayer meeting last night at church with these guys in attendance.

The musicianship of these guys rock! They are all very adept at their respective instruments. Josh Jessee plays a mean mandolin. He is fast and concise with beautiful slow work as well. He is what you would think of if you bought a CD with nothing but mandolins on it. You know…you need every facet of music played on one instrument. I believe he can do it. Millard Edwards is a great banjo player. He adds so much color to this band with his solos and his background work. Al Domingue’s bass and the guitar work of Jarrod Church and Mark Baker are all excellent as well. Robert Edwards and Tim Tolliver add excellent rhythm guitar work as well.

What sets this group apart though is the song writing. These guys are awesome songwriters. Being a songwriter myself, I always love to hear original songs on CDs today. But, these guys don’t just put out your run-of-the-mill style lyrics. The combined works of Millard, Church, Tolliver, and Domingue make this CD special. Millard wrote the majority of the songs on this project. He is obviously a seasoned writer. "They Can’t Take Him", "Oh My God", and "Children are like Jesus" are wonderful examples of his work, the last being my favorite of this CD. Church’s "Listen to me Sinner" is a wonderful song with a great message. Tolliver’s "Shackles & Chains" is excellent and Domingue’s "The Last Hour" is another wonderful song. The bottom line is that these gentlemen use their song writing abilities to hopefully reach people for Jesus. They are doing a good job in my opinion. Add that to their playing ability and you have a dynamite bluegrass-gospel package.

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